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Six Reasons To Install Vinyl Cambridge Replacement Windows  
nstalling new Cambridge vinyl replacement windows is becoming more and more popular as energy costs soar. Because of their
superior-engineered design, these replacement windows are constructed to stand up to all of Mother Nature's elements,
looking great and
keeping out the weather all the while.

- Cambridge Vinyl Replacement Windows Save Money.

Even the most budget friendly new windows will deliver significant savings thanks to the efficiency 
they promote in your home. This is especially notable when compared to old wooden sash windows with single pane glass. The money saved can add up to be quite significant over the course 
of a few years

- New Windows Promote Green Living.

Sure, the energy saved will also equate to money saved. But beyond the financial rewards of installing 
new vinyl replacement windows, there's also the 

fact that you'll be doing your part to reduce overall 
energy consumption - it's good for the planet.

- New Vinyl Replacement Windows Are Easy To Clean.

When compared to windows made over the decades (and centuries) past, newer windows feature
smart design and engineering which promotes easy cleaning. Especially convenient for two story 
homes, the tilt in window sashes let you clean the outside glass safely and conveniently from 
the inside.

- Cambridge Vinyl Windows Fit The Budget.

Vinyl replacement windows are very economical to purchase and install. While their quality remains 
top notch all the way, the price of vinyl windows compared to expensive custom wood windows is 
literally just a fraction. These are windows to fit the budget, not break the bank.

- Cambridge Vinyl Replacement Windows Are Low Maintenance.

Think about it because of their practically maintenance free vinyl exterior, these windows will need
almost zero attention after they are installed. Besides an occasional hosing down and washing of the
glass, there's not much else that needs to be done - no painting, scraping, peeling, or anything.

- These Windows Are Available In All Kinds Of Styles.

Just like ultra expensive custom wood windows, vinyl replacement, fiberglass windows are available to match
nearly any architectural style imaginable. They'll look great in every application they can be
used in. And with recent improvements in design and manufacturing, we can make just about anything.


Replacing drafty old windows in any home is a great idea. Not only will new  vinyl replacement windows save you money 
due to reduced heating and cooling costs, but they'll also add value to your home at the same time!  


With the high cost of utility bills these days, and the environmentalists lobbying for ways to save energy, the replacement 
windows industry has stepped up to the plate and produced many ways to please everybody involved. Energy-efficient 
windows are becoming the norm today and the methods of accomplishing this are quite interesting.

If you stand by your window, it’s easy to understand why changes are being sought. In the summer, it’s hot; in the winter, 
it’s cold. So there’s a drive to build a wall between you and the outdoors – a wall you can still see through. And that’s what 
technology has created. They’ve found a way to keep your house comfortable, no matter what the season or climate.

You want your home to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If your vinyl windows are there just to allow you to 
see outside, then they’re doing their job. But if you want them to be instrumental in keeping your house at a constant 
comfortable temperature, then you need more. You need the new technology of replacement windows.

One of the first methods of insulating your windows was to double them – that is, put two panes of glass in the window 
frame, with an airspace between the two. The idea behind this is that the air between the panes will keep the outside window 
at the outside temperature, and the inside window at the inside temperature, and “ne’er the twain shall meet”. This worked 
fine, but not as well as people wanted.

The next innovation was to cover the window with a clear coating that would improve heat loss without decreasing light. That 
improvement came in the form of low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. It improved heat loss by 40%-70%. But people wanted still more.

So heat-absorbing glass was developed. This glass absorbs up to 45% of sunlight, keeping indoors cooler. However, some heat 
was still getting through. So on to the next development – reflective glass. Reflective glass is coated with a film that reflects 
sunlight instead of absorbing it. So now the heat stays out, or in, depending on what time of year it is, and on what you need 
to make you comfortable.

Our window brands are: Don Young Windows, Earth-Wise Windows, Milgard Windows, NT Windows, Showcase Windows, & View Point.



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