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At Cambridge Doors & Windows we are pleased to offer a new customer referral program! We recognize the value of having satisfied customers, and we would like to pass that value on to you. To thank our past customers for new business they generate on our behalf, we offer cash rewards up to $200! The program is simple and can be very profitable for you! All you do is refer your friends, neighbors, relatives and even yourself to Cambridge Doors & Windows. Click here for the Referral Contact Form

FAQ's about the referral program

When does your Referral Program take effect?
Immediately! As soon as your refer your friends, neighbors, and relatives to Cambridge Doors & Windows as prospective customers, a referral file will be started for you, and we'll do the rest!

Does every referral result in a reward?
To be eligible for a reward the referred person(s) must purchase products from Cambridge Doors & Windows.

Is there a minimum purchase to be eligible for rewards?
Yes. A purchase of $1000 or more will result in a cash reward FOR YOU!

Is $200 the maximum amount of cash I can earn?
For one referral-Yes. The more referrals you submit, the more rewards you could earn!

Is there a limit on How many friends I can refer?
Absolutely not! You can refer as many potential friends as you like. We just ask that they be in the market for one of our products, so no one's time is wasted.

How should I give you the referrals?
Begin by completing the referral contact form. Then drop it in the mail or fax it to us. (All addresses and numbers are on the left margin of this website.) Of course, you're always it off at our showroom.

Must the referral be in the market for products right now?
No. Please feel free to pass on the names of those who will need products in the future, too.

Are there any benefits to my friends and family members whose names are referred?
Good question! Yes! They will automatically be eligible for "preferred pricing." We recognize the value of having satisfied customers and appreciate the opportunity to serve their friends, family members, and neighbors, too!

When can I expect to receive my reward?
Once a contract is signed by your referral and a down-payment is collected, you will receive your check from Cambridge Doors & Windows. It's that simple.

Is there a deadline for submitting referrals?
The sooner the better!

Can I refer myself? I have a need for additional products?
Yes! We would love the opportunity to serve you again.

Our question for you.....
How will you spend your reward?

CASH REWARDSDollars-Save_Energy_LowerMyBills_Cambridge

To thank our referring customers for new business they generate on our behalf, we offer a cash reward of up to $200! The program is simple and the results can be profitable FOR YOU!


1. Rewards can only be paid with receipt of customer referral contact form.

2. Contact sheet must be received by Cambridge Doors & Windows before contract date of referred person(s).

3. Rewards will be determined as follows:

PurchaseAmount of Reward
$1000 to $2500$35
$2500 to $5000$75
$5000 to $7500$100
$7500 to $10000$150
$10,000 - up$200

4. Rewards will be mailed after a contract is signed and a down payment is received by Cambridge Doors & Windows.

Start your referral program with us today.
Click here for our referral contact form.

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