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Impact Protector Series™

Beauty, Protection, Comfort & Safety 

Breaking & Entering                                


At Cambridge Doors & Windows, we take the Weather & Burglars and Break-ins seriously.  We live on the coast and our products are manufactured locally.  We are up against the same brutal, seasonal elements you are, and craft our  products accordingly.

· Our window frames are made from virgin vinyl.  They are heavy duty and feature a distortion-resistant multi-chambered profile for the ultimate in stability, energy efficiency, low maintenance and lasting beauty.

· The vinyl itself is practically maintenance-free. The frames are guaranteed not to rust, peel, chip, corrode or need painting.  As  the color is fully integrated throughout the frame, fading is a thing of the past.

· For beauty you can see and feel, our frames and sashes are miter-cut and fusion welded.  Only the finest heavy-duty hardware is used.  These techniques combine to assure our customers a beautiful, long lived product with clearly superior performance.

·  We use double-strength, tempered and laminated glass, with a KeepSafe Maximum® PVB interlayer permanently bonded under high pressure between two panes. 

·   The combination of this glass, and a dead-air spacing created by a second pane of tempered glass in a rigid frame, yields an astounding window.


impact-glass-20testProven resistance to penetration from flying debris:

Standardized missile testing shows our windows resist repeated blows by a 9 lb, 10 ft, 2x4 wood beam traveling at 34 mph. They have  resisted wind velocities of up to 171.54 mph. This means there is no need for ungainly plywood, or telltale metal shutters.  Meets CPSC, CFR 1201 and ANSI Z97.1 safety glazing standards.

Greatly reduced sound transmission:

Acoustic studies show reductions of up to 50% in the transmission  of outside noise, compared to ordinary glass. This makes for a more peaceful and restful home, regardless of location.

Marked improvement in energy efficiency:

Vinyl offers superior thermal characteristics compared to aluminum and nearly matches woods’, in a product that remains virtually care-free and always stylish.


Shielding from ultraviolet rays:

99% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays are deflected by the KeepSafe Maximum® PVB interlayer, up to 300 nanometers.  Less glare. Less fading.  Longer lasting upholstery, carpet, flooring, furniture and drapes.

Protection from break-ins by vandals, burglars and weather:

Repeated blows from bats, crowbars, hammers or bricks may cause the glass itself to crack. The PVB interlayer holds the glass  pane within the frame together, making access to the house interior difficult at best.  In a hurricane, the integrity of the window is not compromised.  This greatly facilitates the maintaning of the structural integrity of the residence.  Meets ASTM F-1223 (class 1) forced entry standard. 

Tradition SDL is available for our Single Hung, Casement and Picture window Impact Products.

Products available in either White or Beige.

Cambridge Doors & Windows proudly uses KeepSafe Glass .060 or .090 for all of our IMPACT products.

KeepSafeGlassMaxKeepSafe Glass
Cambridge IMPACT Windows vs. Hurricane Shutters

1.  With installing our Protector Series IMPACT windows, the customer receives 24-hour, 365 day protection from storms and outside intruders.

2.  There is no labor necessary to protect your home if you have IMPACT windows, because you never have to close any shutters when a storm is coming.

3.  You nether have to go to your home to protect it nor hire someone to close the shutters.

4.  The view from the house is never impeded by shutters. 

5.  Installing and maintaining shutters can be costly and time consuming.

6.  The house maintains the original look because there are no shutters to hide the windows.

7.  If a family is shut-in during a storm, they can stay safe while not being forced to stay in a household rendered dark by closed shutters or plywood shut windows. 

8.  The presence of shutters could be a tell-tale sign of the homeowner's absence, thereby increasing the potential for burglary.

9.  When not being used, shutters and plywood may take up valuable storage space.

10.  Impact windows provide extra advantages, such as, year round protection from noise, fading, burglary, and vandalism.

11.  Impact windows increase energy efficiency, thereby saving money on monthly energy bills.

12.  Our Showcase® vinyl IMPACT windows are virtually maintenance free.

13.  Any potential upfront additional costs incurred in the purchase of IMPACT windows, are rapidly off-set by the benefits and savings gained.

Impact Rated Products*

Listed below are all of our IMPACT rated windows available at this time.  Please take a look at the link to our Impact ratings and statistics at the bottom of the page.  For the best in quality and saftey custom vinyl windows and doors, remember Cambridge Doors & Windows by Showcase for your Replacement, Remodeling, or New Construction need!

Protector Series:



Max Sizes: 

200 Series IMPACT Single Hung


3'-8" x 7'-0" 

200 Series IMPACT Single Hung Twin


7'-3" x 6'-11 1/2"

200 Series IMPACT Horizontal Slider


5'-0" x 4'-0"

200 Series IMPACT Picture Window


6'-0" x 7'-0"

500 Series IMPACT Casement Window


3'-0" x 6'-0"

5400 Series IMPACT Patio Door


 12'-1 5/8" x 7'-11 3/8"

*As we are constantly monitoring and improving our products' sizes and ratings, if you do not see a product you need for your application, kindly contact one of our representatives, or fill out the form on the Contact Us page.

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