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Do you have foggy or hazy glass?

Beads of moisture running between your window panes?

Any of these sig
ns are indications that you have window or door glass with failed seals.  Take heart to having builder grade window glass seal failure in your windows, it does not mean you have to replace your entire window.  Cambridge Doors & Windows, Inc. can help keep costs down by simply replacing the failed glass with new glass.  Our glass replacement program is done at your home by our window replacement specialist.

What are the possible causes of window or door seal failure?  Water, ice and sunlight tend to deteriorate the wood, aluminum or vinyl surrounding the glass, which will ultimately result in seal failure and condensation between the glass layers as well as non-approved glazing compounds and ultraviolet light beating directly down on the glass sealant. Most window manufactures in the last 25 years only have a 1-5 year seal failure warranty.

So, you need glass replacement. 
Cambridge Doors & Windows, Inc. replaces insulated glass units on almost all window manufacturers.  Insulated glass consists of two or more pieces of glass separated by one or more sealed air spaces.  Insulated glass is made with metal-edged spacers that are sealed together.  The air space is generally 3/16" to 3/4" thick and is filled with dehydrated air kept at atmospheric pressure.  This reduces condensation and heat loss (or gain).

Because there are four measurements associated with any one window, we prefer to
measure the glass unit we are to replace.  This cuts down on inaccuracies and incorrectly ordered glass.  After Cambridge Doors & Windows, Inc. measures your glass unit , we give you an estimate on the cost to make the replacements.  After your approval is received, we order the glass which takes 4 to 8 days to manufacture.  All insulated glass carries a material replacement warranty for 10 years against seal failure.

If you have grids in between the glass, are you looking for LOE (more energy efficient) or a tint glass unit, or obscure bathroom glass?  No problem, we can do it. Glass Options

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