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Cambridge Fiberglass Patio Door Components

Though your patio door may not make as big an impact on your home’s appearance as your entry door – it doesn’t mean you should skimp on quality. A fiberglass patio door system also plays an important role in keeping your house energy efficient, safe and beautiful.

Durable Fiberglass Construction: Won’t dent, rot or rust, warp, swell, split or crack. That means low maintenance for you.

  1. Q-Lon Compression Weatherstripping: Provides a tight seal to keep Mother Nature out.
  2. Insulated Polyurethane Foam Core: Energy efficiency with up to 5 times the insulation value of real wood.
  3. Heavy Duty Rubber Door Sweep: Creates a virtually air-tight seal.
  4. Rot-resistant Jambs: Primed, ready to paint, while preventing rot and insect damage.
  5. Leak Protection Pad: Reduces a typical point of air and moisture infiltration, providing a special corner “pocket” that keeps air and moisture from creeping through.
  6. Endura Adjustable Thermal Break Threshold: Maintenance free and rot resistant composite cap. It offers a unique self-sealing design.
  7. Insulated Tempered Safety Glass : Up to 4 times stronger than ordinary glass. If it’s struck, the glass breaks into pebble-like pieces without sharp edges.
  8. Hurricane Laminated security-safety glass: 1/2" thick laminated security glass to protect your self from the outside elements from hurricanes, intruders, kick ins. Laminated glass is much like the windshield in your car. Can break or crack but it will keep from someone getting in.
  9. Lock Block with Double Bore: Provides extra support for security hardware.

Optional White Screen Kit: Lets fresh air in and keeps insects out.
Optional Heavy Duty Locking System: It secures the door at the the center of the door, and features a solid 1" stainless steel deadbolt that can be keyed to match the rest of your house.1 A durable solid brass handle provides lasting beauty. The complete system provides a weather-tight seal.

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