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DoubleHungThe name double hung refers to windows, the two halves of which move up or down within the frame. A double hung window has two sashes, (the part of the window that holds glass) an upper sash and a lower sash, positioned one over the other to allow venting from the top or bottom.

Double hung windows have always been common in older homes, but recently, they have become a popular choice as replacement windows and for new residential projects. The greatest advantage of the double hung window design is that they fit into any decorating scheme from historic to traditional to contemporary. Older homes often require custom window builds and installations and itís important to have precise measurements to eliminate air and moisture leaks. Use double hung windows in any application where the height of the opening is greater than the width.

The versatility of the double hung along with its traditional design are ideal for living areas, dining areas, bedrooms and kitchens.

Another advantage is that because they slide up and down, up instead of opening out, double-hung windows don't take up exterior space when open, making them ideal for high traffic areas like adjoining walkways, porches and patios. Therefore, the design itself is the main benefit from a space-saving standpoint.

Tilt-out upper and lower sashes are the best features of todayís double hung windows. Some models offer tilting upper sections only. This feature makes cleaning and inspecting weatherproofing strips and repairing caulking very simple and convenient. Some models are offered with completely removable sashes, which offer obvious advantages.

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