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Door Kick-In Specialist of Houston & Sugar Land Texas: We will secure, board up and install your new door after  a kick in with our heavy duty adjustable security striker plates, extra long screws on any new pre-hung door installation. Crime is on the upswing with our weak economy and getting worse with more and more people losing there jobs.. 

When you're thinking about how to make your home burglar-proof, you have to think like an opportunist thief, because a burglar will look for the tell-tale signs of weaknesses in your home or business.

Crime-kick-inStart with the front of your house. If your front gate is open or broken, a thief-opportunist will see it as a weakness. It's an invitation, so always close your gate and keep it lock. If it's broken – fix it. And if you don't have one, get one or a security exterior storm door. It's the first psychological barrier to keeping a burglar away and not hitting your home and going else where.

If you have a single cylinder lock on your door, a burglar knows that he can get into your home no matter what. If you have double cylinder lock on your door and your next door neighbor only has one, the burglar will very likely go next door. He's not going to make more work for himself.

Avoid ‘Beware of the dog' signs. They are a sure indicator that you don't have an alarm in your property. A thief will also think that you probably leave your back door open to let the dog into the yard. The same goes for an ‘I love cats' sign, or something similar. Pet owners often don't have an alarm.

If the front of your house looks weak to an opportunist burglar, he can guarantee that the back of your house will be even weaker. As soon as a thief can get around to the back of your home, he knows he's probably safe. No one is watching and neighbors can see your back yard and it’s the safest way in for a thief.


As soon as a burglar is in your house, whether he got in from the front or back, he'll go to the front door with a fork or spoon. The thief will balance the spoon or fork on the door handle so if the home owner comes home, the spoon will fall off the handle and make some noise before they get inside. This gives the thief a warning sign and time to escape. Or he'll jam the door shut with a broom. Again, this will give the intruder a sign and time to escape if the owner fails to get into their house easily. Most thieves only need 2-3 minutes to wipe you out of your personal belongings and be gone.

Did you know...?

One of the first things a burglar will look for is your wall calendar. This tells them when you will be out of the house and can see all your up coming events and plan their next visit.

Humans are creatures of habit. We inevitably keep our house and car keys near the front or rear door or in a handbag; a handbag will nearly always be left in the kitchen. Once a burglar is in your house, he'll look for keys first. Then he'll be looking to find out what your habits are. Your calendar will be very useful. Again, we humans are predictable and almost always have a calendar hanging in the kitchen or laundry room. The thief will look for key dates – when you will be on vacation, when you have a dentist appointment, etc. any clues about when you're scheduled to be out of the house.

The next thing on a burglar's list is to look for small items – non-bulky valuables that can be taken straight away. This might include jewelry, credit cards, bank statements and spare car keys. The thief will make a note of all the bulkier valuable items in your house – he'll be planning to come back again to get these when he knows you'll be out.

Now the burglar knows you and they knows what kind of person you are from the items in your house and he has your bank details to clone later. If the burglar has taken a spare set of keys to get into your house, he'll normally trash it before leaving. When a homeowner returns to a messy house, they have to go through everything to see what's missing. They'll normally be concerned about expensive jewelry, antiques and items of sentimental value. Keys are one of the last things people think of and so often don't realize they're missing. So when a burglar returns to finish the job, it'll normally be within 7 to 10 days of the first burglary and the locks have not been changed. That’s when to call us right afterward so we can install new hardware and replace and install security striker plates to strengthen up the new door frame. We have all types of security door glass so you don’t have to live in the dark. Don’t live afraid and give into the bad guys, just secure your home with the correct security windows and doors from Cambridge Doors & Window, Inc.

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How can you prevent yourself from being the victim of a burglary?

  1. One of the best things you can do is to film every room of your house in detail with a video camera, or take lots of photos. Not only does this help you to remember where everything was before the burglary, but it also helps you to prove to your insurance company that certain items were in your house.
  2. Keep all purchases you make from year to year in a safe place where a thief can’t steel. My best suggestion is an 850 lb. gun safe that no can haul off very easy.
  3. Join your local Neighborhood Watch, or display a sticker saying that you do. This demonstrates to the thief that you are aware of the risk of being a victim of burglary and most probably decide to move on elsewhere.
  4. Having a double cylinder deadbolt on your doors is very important and make sure your windows have window locks that are visible from the outside looking-in. This will make your house seem like too much hard work to a burglar.
  5. Fix broken garden gates, window panes, screens etc.
  6. Put a wire basket on the inside of your letter box. There's still space for letters to come through the door, but it prevents burglars from fishing for keys through the letterbox – thieves know that keys are often left on a table next to the front door.
  7. Don't keep a calendar in your house – it tells a thief everything about you. Put a blind or shutters on the windows and over the door glass and in other rooms so that people can't see in. A thief can learn a lot about you before they even enter your house just by looking through the windows.
  8. Keep suitcases and tote bags up stairs or attic, or with their handles tied together. Otherwise a thief will use those very bags to transport items out of your house.
  9. When keeping your car or truck parked, turn the wheel towards to curb rather than keeping the wheels parallel. It sounds so simple, but this makes your car alien to the opportunist thief because everyone parks their cars with the wheels straight. Those turned wheels means it will take a thief a few more seconds to steal your car. Every second counts and they don't want to take that extra risk of getting caught.
  10. Keep windows and doors shut and locked, even when you are at home. Use an alarm if you have one.
  11. Don't make it obvious if you are a pet-owner. ‘Beware of the dog' often means ‘I don't have a house alarm' or ‘my back door is open' in burglar language!


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