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Aluminum Windows


The NT & DYC thermally improved single-hung window has been designed and laboratory tested to exceed window industry standards. Air infiltration, a major source of energy loss in windows, must not exceed the ASTM:E 283-91 standard, which allows air infiltration of .30 CFM/Ft2. The NT & DYC single-hung achieved a test rating of .01, a rating 30 times tighter than required. Our window also passed 7 different tests for resistance to forced entry.

Additionally, we offer glass options utilizing high performance tinted and/or low emissivity (Low-E) glass, and argon gas filling.

All of our NT & DYC windows are backed by a limited lifetime warranty on our components. Copies of our warranty are available upon request.

The sash on the single-hung tilts inward for easy cleaning, and the screen removes to the inside for easy access to the top sash. A safety lock on the tilt latch helps prevent children from inadvertently tilting the sash.

All our Aluminum replacement windows feature a thermally improved main frame and sash. This is a special polyurethane barrier that separates the indoor and outdoor surfaces to dramatically reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

DRY ICE (pictured left)

Our interlock system locks the sash to the meeting rail for added security and to help prevent air infiltration from high winds.

We utilize an aluminum glazing bead in place of the common plastic glazing beads.This prevents cracking and warping from the sun's UV rays. Also, our glazing bead is on the interior of the window, which prevents the glass from being removed from the outside, an important security feature.

Premium performance weatherstripping with Mylar fin barrier, on two surfaces of the sash stiles, combined with two vinyl compression bulb seals under the bottom of the sash and a combination of weatherstripping and interlock at the top of the sash gives double protection against wind, dust, and noise pollution.


Like our single-hung series, our thermally-improved double-hung is designed to provide consumers with the best features in energy efficiency, security, low maintenance, and durability to withstand the harshest of summers and the coldest of winters. Manufactured with heavy gauge frame and sash members (over 20% thicker than most builder grade windows) along with high density pile weatherstripping and 7/8" insulated glass, this window should be the last window you purchase for your home.

Both sashes tilt in for safe and convenient cleaning from inside your home. Our safety tilt latch can help prevent children from inadvertently tilting the sash in.

The two sashes interlock at the center of the window, providing a tighter seal and added security.

Our insulated glass utilizes the spacer technologies that aid in reduction of heat and cold transfer through the edge of the glass, resulting in energy savings and increased comfort levels.

Wrap-around glazing around the perimeter of the glass provides a seal between the glass and the sash frame to block out air and water infiltration. This also allows for easier glass replacement in the event of glass breakage.

The aluminum extrusions have an electrostatic baked-on paint finish for a tough, durable finish in White, Bronze, or Almond colors.

Optional features include high performance glass packages, argon gas fill, and full solar screening to help minimize heat gain.

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